Hutto Westphalia Market

28 Dec

The Westphalia Market in Hutto Texas is located at 409 W. Front Street Ste 206 in the Hutto Commons Shopping Center.

The Westphalia Market is a family owned business that specializes in fresh and smoked meats, beef jerky, and all original sausage recipes including the new Hutto Sausage. We provide a personal experience you won’t find anywhere else. All our meat and sausage is made fresh from the best pork and beef in the state of Texas. Westphalia Market in Hutto also has a large selection of groceries including: fresh produce, milk, bread, eggs, canned goods, frozen goods, seasonings, mixes and paper goods. Westphalia Market has everything you need for your BBQ from the freshest cut pork and beef to charcoal and lighter fluid.

Come by and see what a family owned Texas Meat Market is all about.

Editor’s note: The Hutto Sausage is delicious as is the beef jerky. They cut their own meats and make their own sausage, so it is fresh and you can have it your way. When it comes to prices they are very reasonable, and in most cases LESS than Walmart or HEB. If you like fresh meats and are one of the many who has wanted even a small grocery in Hutto – – you got it. Now let’s make sure we support it!


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