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Annual Jonah Chili Supper February 17

13 Jan

Mark your calendars – it’s CHILI time again!


New Hutto Police Chief Peter Scheets to address Hutto community

11 Jan

The Hutto community will get the opportunity to hear from newly appointed Hutto Police Chief, Peter Scheets, at the January 12, 2012 Hutto Economic Development Corporation Power Breakfast.

This event will be held at 7:30am at the Holiday Inn Express in Hutto. Like all Hutto EDC Power Breakfasts, this is a free event open to the public.

About Peter Scheets

Peter Scheets began his law enforcement career in 1996 for the City of Bryan, Texas. He has held numerous positions with the City of Bryan including patrol officer, detective, patrol sergeant, detective sergeant, assistant chief, deputy chief, and even acting chief of police. Peter’s position at the time of his hiring as Hutto’s police chief was Assistant Chief of the Administrative Services Bureau. Prior to his service in Bryan, Chief Scheets served meritoriously in the United States Army.

Scheets will begin work for the City of Hutto on January 9, 2012.

Real Estate news & info

11 Jan

Want to know what is happening in central Texas real estate? Then subcribe (free) to Maureen Rooker’s Real Estate Advisor.

“Maureen Rooker” <>
Informative and interesting

New Virus – warning from Mike Adams, Prime Focus Forensics in Hutto

11 Jan

The F.B.I. released a warning about the return of the infamous “Zeus” virus in a new format known as “Game Over”. This is a virus specifically designed to steal your financial data first, and then steal your money. That is what it does and it is very good at doing it. Zeus was first seen a few years ago, it was tamed, but now it is back and it is dangerous. Here is some information from the Ziff – Davis Network which is one of our security alert partners:

A new variant of the notorious Zeus identity-theft Trojan is making the rounds and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) says it is capable of defeating common methods of user authentication employed by financial institutions.The latest strain of the ID-theft malware, called Gameover, begins as a phishing scheme with spam e-mails — purportedly from the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), the Federal Reserve Bank, or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) — that leads to malware infection and eventual access to the victim’s bank account.

From the FBI warning:

“The malware is appropriately called “Gameover” because once it’s on your computer, it can steal usernames and passwords and defeat common methods of user authentication employed by financial institutions. And once the crooks get into your bank account, it’s definitely “game over.”

Gameover is a newer variant of the Zeus malware, which was created several years ago and specifically targeted banking information.”

The FBI said the phishing lures typically includes a link in the e-mail that goes to a phony website.  ”Once you’re there, you inadvertently download the Gameover malware, which promptly infects your computer and steals your banking information,” it warned.

The FBI said recent investigations have shown that some of the funds stolen from bank accounts go towards the purchase of precious stones and expensive watches from high-end jewelry stores.

The criminals contact these jewelry stores, tell them what they’d like to buy, and promise they will wire the money the next day. So the next day, a person involved in the money laundering aspect of the crime—called a “money mule”—comes into the store to pick up the merchandise. After verifying that the money is in the store’s account, the jewelry is turned over to the mule who then gives the items to the organizers of the scheme or converts them for cash and uses money transfer services to launder the funds.

Hutto Westphalia Market

28 Dec

The Westphalia Market in Hutto Texas is located at 409 W. Front Street Ste 206 in the Hutto Commons Shopping Center.

The Westphalia Market is a family owned business that specializes in fresh and smoked meats, beef jerky, and all original sausage recipes including the new Hutto Sausage. We provide a personal experience you won’t find anywhere else. All our meat and sausage is made fresh from the best pork and beef in the state of Texas. Westphalia Market in Hutto also has a large selection of groceries including: fresh produce, milk, bread, eggs, canned goods, frozen goods, seasonings, mixes and paper goods. Westphalia Market has everything you need for your BBQ from the freshest cut pork and beef to charcoal and lighter fluid.

Come by and see what a family owned Texas Meat Market is all about.

Editor’s note: The Hutto Sausage is delicious as is the beef jerky. They cut their own meats and make their own sausage, so it is fresh and you can have it your way. When it comes to prices they are very reasonable, and in most cases LESS than Walmart or HEB. If you like fresh meats and are one of the many who has wanted even a small grocery in Hutto – – you got it. Now let’s make sure we support it!


You can like them on Facebook too: Hutto Westphalia Market

Send your comments in and let us know what you think!


Hutto Community Resource Center

25 Dec

Hutto Community Resource Center – – The Spirit of Hutto – Helping You To Touch Others

Good organization for Hutto. Go to their website for full details.

Mary E. Belton
Volunteer Coordinator
Hutto Community Resource Center

512.84601377 Office      951.218.3235 Cell


East Williamson County Challenger league

25 Dec
Please take the time and read the beautiful article that was written about our Special Needs kids last week.
 We are really excited about bringing the first and only special needs ability baseball field to Williamson County!
 I just wanted to let you know that we have over 20 special needs children signed up for Basketball so far!
 We have paid insurance for up to 100 children to play for free as well as rent for the Gym.
Our first day is January 7th, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm and we will be accepting children all throughout the year since insurance now covers all sports during the year! You can go the Hutto ISD’s web page for the address of Ray Elementary and directions.
 I hope you have a safe and wonderful Christmas as well as New Year and see you soon!
 John S. Lorek   512-212-1259

East Williamson County Challenger league

It has been a big year for the East Williamson County Challenger league. The special needs athletes have been honored at the Dell Diamond (pictured), visited by the Texas Stars and are now on the verge of having a playing field in Taylor.

Posted: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 1:00 am

Meeting the challenge by Mike Eddleman Taylor Daily Press

Challenger league one step closer to field

Seeing smiles on the faces of special needs children and making sure they have the same opportunities to enjoy sports as any other child has led a group of area parents, led by John Lorek, to push for the construction of a special needs ability field in Eastern Williamson County.

 “This is an opportunity to reach people who are underserved,” said Assistant City Manager Jeff Straub.  “It is really neat that these special needs kids will be able to play alongside other family members that are not special needs. It really expands the use of the park for us.

“It is exciting that the Taylor community can be home to an effort like that. We hope they will be able to come up with the funding,” Straub said.

For Lorek, the news means East Williamson County Challenger League is one step closer to meeting the needs of these children, something that is also very personal to him.

“Everything started with early childhood intervention when I lived in Round Rock,” he said. “I have two special needs children and with early childhood intervention they were great at teaching us how to include our kids in daily activities to help these children be productive members of society.”

“It is important because I want my kids to enjoy any every sport they possibly can. It’s not fair for them to have to sit on the couch and watch a baseball game. We are big on getting our kids out there to enjoy life and participate.”

Challenger offers baseball, kickball and basketball free of charge to area special needs children and has been using area ball fields, but Lorek said having its own field will make a huge difference.

“These kids are not greedy, they take what they can get for a place to play, but playing on a dirt field is difficult,” he said. “They need a disability field. You can see the limitations, you can see the parents suffering pushing wheelchairs and we’ve almost had three or four accidents.”

It looks like any other youth league field and is similar in size, but the synthetic surface makes it safer for children and family members.

“This looks like a real field, but it is synthetic turf,” Lorek said. “You can still use wheelchairs on it, it is safe if a kid falls. We will just feel better with this field.”

In addition to the safety issues, Lorek said a special needs child’s comfort with a regular place to play is critical.

“When you get a new kid in the group it takes them a little while to gel,” he said. “Usually it takes 20 to 30 minutes then they are out there going crazy. Once that kid gets out there and plays they know they have a place that’s safe, where they are not an outcast and they feel they are part of a group. This field needs to be called home for these kids.”

This field of dreams, as Lorek refers to it, is intended to be a place for everyone, child and parents alike, to just have fun.

“We’re trying to let the parents hang all their troubles on the tree, come to the field and just have fun,” he said.

The experience in the sports world is also showing results in other parts of the children’s lives, with improved behavior and more focus in school.

“All we’re doing is giving parents the tools and saying ‘if we can do this with sports we can do this with after school activities, we can get our kids involved in school newspaper and other things’,” he said. “We’ve already seen benefits in the classroom. Through sports these kids are learning sportsmanship, honesty, teamwork, patience.”

With support and guidance from the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation, planning and funding for the project is falling into place as grants are secured.

The Challenger League and Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation are working together to secure all the necessary funding for the project estimated at $350,000. Once funding is secured, the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation will work with contractors to oversee construction of the field.

While Lorek believes that grants, from both government and industry, will cover most all the cost of the project, he is encouraging the community to show its support with local fundraising as well.

“I would like to issue a personal challenge to Eastern Williamson County to show their support of this project,” he said. “Everybody knows somebody who has a special needs child. We want to show we can do this with help from our community. We can all do things to help raise funds.”

The overall goal is to raise $500,000 so an inclusion park can be built adjacent to the field as well, which when constructed will sit just northwest of the softball fields at the park, near the playscape and youth football field.

The City of Taylor has pledged the land and given the Challenger League 12 months to secure funding for the project. Taylor will also maintain the field in terms of general upkeep, but while Lorek does not want to look past this project too much, he sees a completed field leading to even greater things for the Challenger League as well as new opportunities for today’s special needs children as the organization grows and evolves.

“We’re going to be the first special needs youth sports organization that’s going to be run by handicapped kids in 10 years. That is our whole mission is to turn this over to the kids. Just because a child is blind doesn’t mean his brain doesn’t work and just because someone is mentally slow, they can have the drive and the heart.”

Hutto Selects Peter Scheets as Police Chief

16 Dec

The City of Hutto is proud to announce the selection of Peter Scheets as Police Chief.  Peter began his law enforcement career in 1996 for the City of Bryan, Texas.  He has held numerous positions with the City of Bryan including patrol officer, detective, patrol sergeant, detective sergeant, assistant chief, deputy chief, and even acting chief of police.  Peter’s position at the time of his hiring as Hutto’s police chief was Assistant Chief of the Administrative Services Bureau.  Prior to his service in Bryan, Peter served meritoriously in the United States Army.

Assistant City Manager David Mitchell had this to say about the hiring of Scheets, “Peter brings to Hutto a wealth of policing experience and knowledge from Bryan where he was also an outstanding leader for their department.  One of the things that impressed me most about Peter’s approach to policing matters is that he truly believes in servant leadership. Peter also has shown a willingness to get involved in the community beyond his job duties.  I am excited about the leadership and vision that Peter will be bringing to the Hutto Police Department and the City as a whole.”

Outgoing City Manager Edward Broussard added the following about the selection of Scheets: “Peter’s philosophy on community policing, empowerment of staff, and creating innovative solutions to neighborhood problems became an important factor among the numerous citizens, Police Department employees, and City staff who interviewed the finalists for the position.  Peter’s experience in both the Bryan Police Department and U.S. Army will elevate the Hutto Police Department to the next level and develop staff to meet the future demands for the changing community.”

Scheets is expected to begin work for the City effective January 9, 2012.

Hutto Food Pantry

23 Oct

The Food Pantry, located in the Hutto Lutheran Church but open to everyone in need in the Hutto community, is in need of a number of items:

canned fruit
jelly (have lots of peanut butter)

items for kiddie sacks – individual  drinks, candies, crackers, fruit bars, etc.
canned tuna and chicken
spaghetti sauce

paper items – toilet paper, paper towels, kleenex, etc
toiletries – shampoo, body soap, hand soap, etc
cleaning items – bleach, dish soap, laundry soap, Windex, etc.

If you can help please take your donations to either the church or to the Hutto Chamber (corner East  & Farley Streets,  759-4400) which will make sure they get there.

Hutto Lutheran Church operates a community food pantry.  Non-perishable food items are available to those in need.  Food Pantry hours are 10am until Noon on Saturdays.  Please contact the church office at 512-759-2064 or Lynda Herrin at 431-9889 for more information.

Buy American, Fly American

19 Oct

Buying American made products makes a lot of sense. When you purchase American made goods you help our economy, help provide jobs and generally help yourself.

The Hutto Lions Club has a Flag Lease program for flag holidays including Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Veterans Day. The flags they provide are made right here in America by Americans. And they are embroidered, not simply printed. The cost of a one year lease is only $40. So when you fly a flag provided by the Lions Club, you are showing your patriotism in two ways, and helping your community at the same time.

Leases begin on January 1st  each year. The Club will insure that your flag is in good condition when set in place each time.  Your flag will be put up on Friday prior to the flag holiday and on Tuesday following the holiday the club will return to remove the flag. The exception will be Labor Day when the flag will be left on display until September 12th in order to honor Sept. 11.

To establish your flag lease simply contact Charles or Debbie Holland at or call 759-3731. Sign up by November 10 and this year’s Veterans Day will be included for free.

Your participation will help the Hutto Lions Club to fund the following local projects:

Adopt-A-Unit, Technical School Scholarships, Student Eye Glass Program, Rock Ranch, Hutto Livestock Boosters, Coats For Kids, Boys State, Girls State, Project Celebration, Movies In The Park, Downtown  Christmas, Hutto Leo’s Club, Keep Hutto Beautiful, Helping Hands School Supplies, Special Olympics, Hutto Education Foundation, Orange Santa and the Texas Lions Camp.