New and Nasty Computer Virus

29 Nov

From Mike Adams, Owner and Senior Forensic Examiner, Prime Focus Forensics

Late last week my sister in law called me from Albuquerque to tell me that her computer had been invaded by a virus that hijacked her machine and would not leave it alone. It claimed that it had found all sorts of security and privacy violations and if you would be so kind as to give them your credit card information and  $59.99 (?) in payment they would remove all that nasty stuff from your computer. Sure they would, sure they would. Before that incident was all over it had trashed not only my sister in law’s computer, but her son’s computer as well.

They are looking at having to fully restore everything from the ground up.


Soon after their call for help I received two more calls from local (Hutto) users with the same virus and the same problems. Then,on my way to Houston today my brother in law called from California and yes, he had the exact same virus.

I call it the “APV” (Anti Privacy Virus) for lack of a better term but someone like AVG or Norton has probably given it an official name. The point is that virus is a KILLER and it is spreading like wildfire.

While the victims cannot tell me where it came from I doubt that they all visited the same web page. Consequently it probably came from an infected email.

What can you do?

The same things that you should always be doing:

Keep Windows automatic update turned on so it will automatically download and install OS updates and some application updates.

Have a very good anti virus program installed and make sure it auto updates and if not, then you must do it manually. We recommend either AVG or Kaspersky. Go ahead and pony up for a paid version too.

Never open any emails from someone you do not know. Even if you do, never click on the links in those emails. Also, you may recognize the name on the email but if there is no wording, or strange wording, do not open any links in those emails. Basically, especially while this virus is running rampant, try not to click on any links in any emails.

Those that send emails with links could also do us all a big favor by mentioning that they have attached a such and such type file to their email. That way the receiver is more likely to open the attachment by clicking on the link.

Back up, back up, back up, and, back up Carbonite or any good back up is great. Of course you may also back up locally to an external drive. If you do that there is a great little free back up program ( send a donation!) called FTB. I use it at home and at the office for all of my local back ups. The point is, do something and do it fast!

Spread this word wide and far, tell your friend, your family, your other family the pele at the office the people at your gym and/or sewing club, friends at church or friends at the bar, say it loud and say it proud! Do not be a victim, be a winner!

Ciao for now,

C. M. “Mike” Adams, Owner and Senior Forensic Examiner, Prime Focus Forensics

Call Mike directly @ 512-436-3610 – 24/7

Texas Private Investigation Agency license A17351
EnCase Certified Examiner number 15 –1009–3348
Computers, Cell Phones, Internet, & Networks
Privacy & Discretion Guaranteed
Cell Phones – All makes and models
iPhone Specialists
No password, PIN, or Jail break required
Full data recovery including deleted data.
Complete location reports by latitude,
longitude, and time.
Full Forensic Integrity – The evidence is never changed


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