City Councilman introduces new concept…. . *

15 Nov

City Manager Ed Broussard is leaving in December and at a special meeting of the city council Assistant City Manager David Mitchell was appointed Interim City Manager, an excellent dedision.  At some point the talk turned to whether the city should initiate a search for a new city manager. Councilman Michael Smith spoke up and said “before we waste a whole lot of money why don’t we try David out for six months and see how he does”.

There it is – so simple, so eloquent: “before we waste a whole lot of money . . .”

David Mitchell has experience, talent and, having been with Hutto two years, he knows the city well. It is almost a certainty he’ll do a very good job as city manager. A very basic search for a new manager would start at $25-30,000 and that would be with the city doing most of the work. An extensive search could easily run $100,000 -150,000 plus expenses and it would be highly likely that David would be an applicant. Waiting to see how he does on his own costs only a little time and has the potential to pay big dividends in savings to Hutto taxpayers

Just think if this mantra were applied to other things:
“Before we waste a lot of money”
1. “ have we considered . . .? “
2. “have we tried . . . ?”
3. “have we thought about other alternatives . . . ?’”

Here are companion ideas the council might also consider. Before hiring outside consultants for almost every project why not see if there are people in Hutto with the needed experience who could be enlisted.  Make a list of talents and experience needed or which might be needed and publish it.  Before hiring firms from Austin or San Antonio, give priority consideration to Hutto area businesses. The work would stay here, people here would be employed, and the traveling expenses would be virtually non existent. Before buying office supplies or other services in Round Rock or Austin, look for Hutto businesses which might be willing to add product lines to their business if the market were here.

Hutto has a lot of talent which has not been tapped. There is a “buy Hutto” campaign being put together even as you read this. Let’s extend it to include city projects where ever possible.

Thank you Michael. What a concept: “before we waste a lot of money let’s . . .”

* A bit sarcastic – – yes. Does the city always waste money? Absolutely not. Is there more than a grain of truth in these comments? Yes.


One Response to “City Councilman introduces new concept…. . *”

  1. Michael J. Smith 15/11/2011 at 7:38 pm #

    I will say that I am not the only one of the Hutto City Council members that shares this train of thought. These next few months will be very telling for us, but we have a great leader in David Mitchell and great council that is asking great questions and really starting to hit a great stride.

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