Hutto ISD

9 Nov

Well, the tax failed which isn’t a big surprise, but it will be a costly one for our students. The school district needed the money to make up for the additional monies the state legislature cut from the school budget. Having already cut deeply the school board and administration is facing some very tough decisions. The results will be a few less teachers, more kids in the classrooms, less resources for our students – all of which will hurt our kids.

For those of you who grew up years ago and don’t see the problem with larger classes, take a look in today’s schools. Discipline is much harder to achieve thanks to some  parents who have never taught their kids much of anything when it comes to proper behavior, tons of paperwork imposed by the state, and a multitude of other things.This is not “leave it to Beaver” time – – this is a totally different world with problems we never dreamed of. HISD does an incredible job and has great leadership. They need the whole community behind them though.

Want a better tax system and good schools. Starts with the state legislature and ends there too – – although the State Board of Education could also use some major reforms and more people who actually care about kids and not just politics. Get involved. Start talking to people who can help.



One Response to “Hutto ISD”

  1. Kurt Johnson 09/11/2011 at 4:30 pm #

    Would this Hutto ISD tax proposition have passed if the same effort had been made for passage by those who so vigorously supported the maintenance tax for the community college which passed a few months ago? How hard was this Hutto ISD tax increase pushed and promoted by the Hutto EDC and others associated with that community college tax increase? Did the passage of that community college maintenance tax doom this Hutto ISD tax proposition to failure because people simply felt that passage of the community college proposition simply took the tax burden to its peak, so no additional tax could be added?

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