A special thank you

21 Sep

I want to extend thanks to the many other Hutto people that helped these folks. Hutto Vet Clinic took in their four dogs and housed them for free…fed, watered, showed them lots of love and cleaned up after them. Morgann’s animals are truly her childern. Walgreens of Hutto extended huge discounts for water and Gaterade. Margo’s Liquor store donated ice to help keep food from perishing. Lisa Legares of Waterlily Way ran into her home and gave Russell shoes from her husbands closet when she saw that his shoes were burnt beyond the soles, housed their most important belongings & Russell’s work equiptment, and also Chris Gooding of Waterlily Way provided a huge bag of clothes for Curtis Sparks, as well as donating water to Morgann and Russell.

Mike Mnohcak of M&M Home Improvements gave his generator when we found out our’s wasn’t working. Many of my other friends gathered up clothes as soon as I asked, even though we couldn’t get back into Bastrop to drop them off as it was a restricted area. A final thanks to the many countless people who donated clothes, and anything needed! We truly appreciate Morgann & Russell for saving their community, they are the true heros. It couldn’t have been done without them or the citizens who extended their hands in this time of need!


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