Discussion continued. Are we as friendly as we claim?

2 Sep

Had a very good meeting this morning with an unfortunately small but good group about how to help Hutto businesses and what everyone can do. There will be a lot more coming on that. One observation though. It would help if members of the city council and city the city manager got out more and met and talked with business owners. Yes, there are Saturday chat sessions, city council meetings and occasional public meetings, but that isn’t the answer.

As I have stated before there are businesses in Hutto which to their knowledge, have never had a city councilman or the city manager stop by for a visit, or even just introduce themselves. Other have seen maybe two or three but not all. Why not? You would think as small as we are it would be an easy thing to do – at least once a year. They don’t have to buy anything – just say hello. Find out what the business owners may have to say, show some interest.

Ken Hennington, owner of Howdy’s, died in an accident a couple of weeks ago. The Chamber sent flowers but I don’t believe the city did anything. Only one city councilman showed up at the wake at Howdy’s or said anything to the family. One council person even walked by the open door but didn’t give it a glance. No, they may not have been his customers – more the shame – but he was a hard working Hutto businessman, lived in Hutto and helped a lot of Hutto people. His loss is Hutto’s loss, not just of a good man but of sales and tax dollars. But his passing went unacknowledged by the city. That just isn’t right and it certainly doesn’t fit well with the “small, super friendly town image we portray to the outside world.

The Chamber had another Networking event last night at the Chamber offices, hosted by Black Stallion Lawn Care with fajitas, sausages and beverages.  It was very nice and well attended, There is one a month but I’ve only seen two or three council members at one and rarely anyone from the city. What a great opportunity they are missing to meet business owners and to for business owners to get to know their council. Don’t expect to see them every time, but some have never been. Makes you wonder.


One Response to “Discussion continued. Are we as friendly as we claim?”

  1. Rahul Gandhi 14/09/2011 at 9:05 am #

    Ya, it’s about perception.
    Rahul Gandhi

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