Who is listening in without your knowledge?

27 Aug

Ladies & Gentlemen,

For s few years now I have been attempting to spread the word on “Cell Phone Spyware.”  This is extremely nefarious software that banishes the concept of privacy from whatever part of your life still has some.  If you have a cell phone it can be infected without your knowledge. 

Now I have found what is so far the best video that demonstrates in plain language with actual examples of the nature of this sad and crazy software someone has developed. Watch it here:


I have checked the link for infections and it is clean.

My next email will explain how it gets on your phone and how to avoid it and also how to find out if it is already on your phone.

Good Day,


C. M. “Mike” Adams    

Ø  Call Mike directly @ 512-436-3610 – 24/7

Ø  Texas Private Investigation Agency license A17351

Ø  EnCase Certified Examiner number 15 –1009–3348 – Computers, Cell Phones, Internet, & Networks

Ø  Privacy & Discretion Guaranteed

Ø  Cell Phones – All makes and models

Ø  iPhone Specialists

   o   No password, PIN, or Jail break required

   o   Full data recovery including deleted data.

   o   Complete location reports by latitude, longitude, and time.

   o   Full Forensic Integrity – The evidence is never changed


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