New Veterinarian

25 Apr

Dr. Casey Hill has joined the Hutto Veterinary Clinic as its newest full-time associate, specializing in keeping cats, dogs and fish healthy and happy.

Dr. Hill and friends

Dr. Hill received her bachelor’s degree with a double major in math and physics from the University of Virginia at Charlottesville. She earned her doctor of veterinary medicine at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. She also studied aquatic animal pathobiology at the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine.While she was still in Virginia, Dr. Hill worked at a spay/neuter clinic in Roanoke, where she also performed unusual abdominal surgeries and hernia repairs. More recently, Dr. Hill volunteered at spay/neuter clinics in Austin and Waco.
Some Hutto clients may already have met Dr. Hill since she started working as a relief veterinarian at the Hutto clinic about six months ago. She joins Dr. John T. Holmstrom, who built the clinic almost 11 years ago, becoming one of the first businesses on Front Street.
A native of Warrenton, in northern Virginia, Dr. Hill believes owners who are especially observant, who spend a lot of time with their pets, not only watching them, but petting and holding them, are the reason most pets thrive.
“It’s so important for owners to be aware. We see them once or twice a year, but owners see their pets every day,” she said, “and they know better when they’re sick.”
While Dr. Hill is well-versed in the latest diagnostic tools and pharmaceuticals, she also wants to work with clients to figure out what’s best for them financially.
“I try to be pragmatic about veterinary medicine. Dr. Holmstrom and I are very aware of financial concerns,” she said.
Since she joined the clinic, Dr. Hill has performed many routine surgeries, such as spays, neuters, tumor removals and other procedures on cats and dogs. She also has a special affinity for pond and freshwater fish.
“Most fish illness is related to parasites and water-quality issues,” Dr. Hill said. She invites clients to bring in a water sample for a consultation if they are having problems with their ponds or aquariums. “So many people get fish and spend lots of money on aquariums, then the fish die, and it’s usually because the owners don’t know about the nitrogen cycle or water quality. There’s also a lot of misinformation out there,” she said.
Dr. Hill moved to Austin in May 2010, with her boyfriend, Christian, a software engineer. The couple is getting married in September. They are so happy to be in the Austin area, she said, and she is especially glad that her best friend is living in Killeen with her Army captain husband.
Dr. Hill has two cats: Ziploc and Isabel, both six years old, and three fish in an aquarium.


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